Why You Need a Gaming Chair?

There are a number of reasons to add a gaming chair to your setup at home. Yes, they tend to look cooler than the average desk chair, but they also have tangible benefits. Gaming chairs are typically designed for comfort throughout lengthy sessions--whether you're sitting at your desk working or leaning back to relax while playing your favorite games. They have taller backs to support your head and neck, lumbar support, and some even have footrests. Plus, have we mentioned these racing-style chairs look really cool?

Sitting in cheap office chairs for a prolonged period leads to poor posture, which also affects your mood. Unlike the office chairs, GTPLAYER gaming chairs are ergonomicall​y designed,​ keeping in view the sedentary lifestyle. Even the padded chairs may do no service. The ergonomic design of gaming chairs puts them above some standard office chairs, mainly due to the added lumbar and head/neck support. If you're finding that your lower back is sore after sitting in a regular desk chair, an ergonomic gaming chair is a great option for you.

GTPLAYER Music Series gaming chair- GT890MF

More than just a gaming chair, this chair from GTPLAYER is designed for you to relax in even when you just want to sit around and do nothing. It has two built-in Bluetooth speakers that provide surround sound and let you listen to music. You can connect it to your smartphone or tablet or other Bluetooth device and stream all your favorite tunes or watch a movie or play a game.

In addition to the speakers, it also has a retractable footrest. If you're sitting at your computer playing games and trying to carry your team, you can just put the footrest away. But when you're relaxing and listening to music, pop it out and put your feet up. Relax a little.

The fabric is a cushy PU leather that's smooth to the touch and easy to wipe down if you spill something on it, and the internal metal frame is strong and supportive. The lumbar support pillow helps alleviate any lower back pain over longer gaming sessions, and reminds you to maintain good posture even if you're playing for long periods of time without getting up.


  • Armrests: height-adjustable
  • Backrest: up 90° to 155°
  • Seat: height-adjustable.
  • Multi-Function: Bluetooth speakers for 16-hour music play
  • Back support: yes, with separate back cushion
  • Head support: yes, with separate cushion
  • Max weight supported: 140 kg (300 lbs)

Eight colors options meet different gamers’ need. As I really like classic style, so I bought this red & black one. Being a very visually striking combination, they can also convey a sense of power to you.


A great, affordable chair — and not just for gaming

GTPLAYER’s chair kept me comfortable early on whenever I sat down to stream on Twitch or play some Halo for a few hours, but it really became an invaluable tool at the start of the pandemic. While countless friends and colleagues scrambled to buy new chairs and complained about back pain from working at their kitchen counters, I was comfortably typing away in my comically big marshmallow of a seat. 

Having lived with the GTPLAYER Music Gaming Chair for more than two years, I can’t imagine going back to working or playing from home without it. For a seat that costs a little more than 150€, it’s sustained very little wear and tear after prolonged use, and, more importantly, it has kept me away from the chiropractor throughout a year-plus of writing and editing from my bedroom.


The GTPLAYER Gaming Chair is well worth considering if you’re looking for your first gaming chair — or if you’re ready to stop working from that stiff kitchen stool that’s almost certainly killing your back. Seriously, it’s time.